An intuitive and fully-featured Decentralized Exchange (DEX).
That will allow you to trade between TRON, TRX10, and TRX20 Tokens in a secure, decentralized manner.

TronWatch Market will help to increase the liquidity of the TRON Token Network.
As the DEX supports all tokens on the network, every token will benefit from this.




NAME: TronWatchMarket
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Our TronWatchMarket (TWM) token will facilitate key features of our DEX, such as life time free trading, listing tokens that are payable with TWM, and featuring tokens on the home page through voting.
The full details of the use cases of TWM can be found in our Whitepaper.



The demo is running on Testnet and all trades are being executed by our smart contract. This means that although it’s not real currency yet, what you see will function on Mainnet in the same way.

We have a few bots actively trading on TronWatch Market, so sit back and watch the charts, order book, and recent trades for a minute!

We want the community to be able to call the DEX their own just as much as we can. We’ve therefore partnered up with TRON Foundation and some of the most involved Super Representatives on the TRON Network, enabling the community to share their influence in the development of the DEX.
TRON Foundation
Tron Europe

Frequently Asked Questions

- What is TronWatch Market?
TronWatch Market will be a very intuitive and well-designed Decentralized Exchange (DEX), and it will allow users to trade any TRON token to and from TRX in a secure, decentralized manner.
- What problem does TronWatch Market solve?
There are no decentralized exchanges available for the TRON network - we aim to be the first.
Every network needs a DEX to provide liquidity to all tokens, instead of having to wait for approval from centralized exchanges.

With this exchange we will be establishing a new marketplace for anyone looking to trade.
- Why target the TRON network?
Tron is a relatively young platform, having launched their mainnet in June 2018.
With its goal to “decentralize the web” and its focus on creating a DApp-friendly infrastructure, Tron is sure to attract developers and ICOs.

There is potential for many tokens to be available on the Tron Network in the near future, and TronWatch wants to help them be successful.
- What’s the difference between TronWatch Market and other DEXs?
TronWatch Market will focus on creating the best possible experience while holding strong to the core principles of decentralized solutions - namely, that all interactions with user funds are handled by our immutable smart contracts in order to ensure your funds are always safe.

Not only will we have a great user experience, we will offer the best security.
Many “decentralized” exchanges on the Ethereum network require an element of trust.

TronWatch Market will not.

For example, IDEX Market, the #1 DEX on Ethereum today, could freeze your account at any time, preventing you from accessing funds. The whitepaper has a few more comparisons to existing DEXs in the appendix.
- When will the DEX launch?
Our team will work to launch the DEX as soon as possible, but security is critical.
We expect the exchange, including the security audit and beta testing, will be completed for a public mainnet launch in Q1 2019.

The token sale also includes a “Feature Unlock” milestone which adds a number of value-add features to the exchange. In order to ensure we maintain a completely decentralized and secure offering, we will need additional time before launch.

We expect the exchange with all features included will be ready for mainnet launch in Q2 2019.
- How are trades executed?
On an exchange, the person who creates an offer for others to consider is called the “maker” and the person who accepts that offer in order to execute the trade is called the “taker.”

On our DEX, the maker first either deposits funds into our smart contract or they approve the contract to spend tokens on their behalf. Then, the maker signs an offer which is made available to others by way of our Order Matching Engine. This is off-chain, so there are no transaction fees and no delays.

The taker, with the help of our Order Matching Engine, selects one or more maker offers and creates a transaction for our smart contract to execute the trade. The taker may have approved the contract to spend on their behalf; their funds may have been previously deposited, or the funds are included with this transaction (don’t worry, we’ll make this simple for users).

Please review our Whitepaper for diagrams and examples to help understand this flow.
- When are deposits required and where does the money go?
When transacting with TRX20 tokens, the trader can approve our exchange contract to spend tokens on their behalf. This allows for making and taking trades without deposits, which means you always have control over your own funds.

For TRX trading, users must deposit funds before making offers. These funds are managed by an immutable smart contract. TronWatch and the entities it employes never have access to users funds, nor do we have the ability to freeze accounts or tokens. Your funds are always secure.
- How do limit orders work?
On centralized exchanges, in order to execute a trade you typically enter a maximum (or minimum) price you’d be willing to trade for and a desired quantity. This is known as a “limit” order.

With older DEX designs such as EtherDelta, users had to do direct order matching. This means the taker had to select one specific maker offer and then adjust the quantity down as appropriate.

This is confusing and leads to issues; for example, what if you select an offer but another user executes a trade before yours is accepted? And if you want to place a large order, you either need to submit several transactions or pay a premium to find an offer with enough quantity available.
- What is the TWM token used for / what drives the value of TWM tokens?
The value for TWM is driven by the desire to interact with our exchange. Anyone looking to trade tokens on the TRON network in a decentralized and secure way may end up wanting to purchase TWM tokens for the best experience.

TWM will be made available as a trading pair for all tokens, similar to the way you can currently trade for TRX. Users may want to acquire TWM tokens in order to purchase a lifetime discount on future trading fees - up to 100% off. Groups looking to have their token included for easy discovery on the exchange need to pay a listing fee with TWM tokens. And users can stake TWM to see their favorite token featured on our exchange.

See our Token Utility Value article for more detail.
Team & Company
- Who is TronWatch?
TronWatch is a development team focused on the creation of TRON-based projects.
Our team consists of members from all around the world including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. We have decades of combined experience with enterprise development and networking services,along with multiple years of experience in designing, building, and maintaining blockchain applications.
- Who are your advisors?
Juliun Brabon - Sesameseed
Founder of what is probably the best known and most involved SR in the TRON community.

Tian Han - TRON Foundation
Head Engineer for the TRON San Francisco office.

Roy van Kaathoven - TronScan
Creator of Tronscan, the first TRON blockchain explorer, the most used wallet, and multiple other TRON projects. Probably the most accomplished developer in the TRON ecosystem.
Token Sale
- What is a token sale?
A token sale, often referred to as an ICO, is a model of crowdfunding.
It allows you to purchase TWM tokens for future use on our exchange or for trading on exchanges.
- How many tokens are available for sale?
A total of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) TWM tokens will be issued.
After issuance no more tokens can be created.

Half, or 500 million, will be available for purchase during the token sale. Any tokens which are not sold will be burned when the token sale completes, removing them from circulation.
- Is KYC required in order to participate?
The TWM token sale will be available through TRON’s on-chain token platform, TronScan.
TronScan does not require KYC and does not put any other restrictions or limitations on the ability to participate in token sales.
- What wallet can I use to contribute / how do I contribute?
You can purchase TWM through SEEDGerminator or on Tronscan.

You may use any TRON wallet, such as the web wallet on Tronscan or the TronWatch's Desktop Wallet.
However, do not make purchases from an exchange account - you must first withdraw to a wallet.
- When will I get the tokens?
You will get the tokens right after you send the transaction if you purchase through TRON’s on-chain token system.
If you buy through SEEDgerminator, you will get the token once the ICO reaches soft-cap.

If the soft-cap is not met, both methods will provide refunds of all tokens purchased.
- What will happen to the tokens not sold during the token sale?
Tokens not sold will be burned, reducing the overall circulating supply of TWM.